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e36: ALissa Golob


Is it true that a majority of people are pro-choice? Canada is a global leader in non-restricted abortions. Does this accurately represent what most Canadians think of abortion? How can we continue to humanize the conversation about abortion? How are abortions laws impacting freedom of speech? 


The intention of this episode is the first of many episodes to build bridges between pro-choice and pro-life camps, in a way that humanizes a conversation that has often gone badly. 


On Episode 36 I join pro-life activist and Canadian political commentator Alissa Golob to speak about the politics of abortion, her personal story of encountering abortion, how pro-life protests can be done badly, sex-selective abortion, and the idea that pro-life politics is just another way of pushing a conservative agenda. 


Especially if you are coming from a pro-choice perspective, let me know what you thought of this episode! How can we have dialogue in a better way?

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