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Does Not Recommend: Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Virologist


Personal Website:

In the video and letter cited at the top of his website, Dr. Bossche makes the case that the current mRna vaccines are going to drive an increase in highly contagious variants, rather than stop the pandemic. He proposes that a DIFFERENT kind of vaccine, that is based on the stimulation of natural killer cells, is a potential, better solution to the pandemic. 


Rebuttals to Dr. Bossche:


A Hidden Agenda by Vaccine Developers

Medical journalist Rosemary Frei makes a case that mass vaccination should end, but that Dr. Bossche has conflict of interests as he is pushing for the development of an alternative to the mRna vaccines and that there seems to be a significant monetary incentive to make the spread of variants seem worse than it is by scientists funded by vaccine developers. 


It Is Unlikely That Covid-19 Vaccines Are Creating Variants  

(David H. Gorski, MD, PhD, FACS)


Well-sourced, thorough article explaining why the Covid-19 vaccines are not causing variants and why natural immunity is not “enough.” Points out that all the major variants of Covid-19 were discovered and started spreading before mass vaccinations programs started throughout the world. 


From conclusion: 

“The bottom line is that the best conditions for the emergence of more dangerous and transmissible variants are when SARS-CoV-2 is spreading unchecked all over the world through billions of people. The best way to decrease the chances of variants like this emerging is to do whatever is feasible to decrease transmission and thereby dramatically decrease the number of people being infected. The vaccines work, but probably not as well for the Delta variant. Moreover, vaccination doesn’t have to completely block transmission to be effective in helping to end the pandemic. Finally, Vanden Bossche hasn’t said anything new compared to his previous claims. He’s just pointed to the emergence of more transmissible variants, which happened before the mass vaccination program, and blamed the vaccine for them.”

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