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E44: Dr. Brian Lanoil


Ever been frustrated with how politicized climate change is? 


Ever realized that there are big decisions being made about the climate but you don't actually understand the science? 


Join me for the first of a 3 (or 4) part series on different perspectives on climate change and the differences between climate change science and climate change politics. Will be talking with Ph.D. scientists and policy experts to hear their stories and learn about the research that informs their different opinions about how serious climate change is and how we should respond to it. Today I speak with Dr. Brian Lanoil, who is a professor and microbiologist from the University of Alberta in Edmonton Alberta. He shares his first-hand research on the impact of climate change on the Arctic regions of the world and why this matters to the rest of us. We also talk about whether or not we can trust the global organizations that recommend different political policies in response to climate science and the difference between how scientists and politicians approach climate change. 


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