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Contact Your Senator TemplatE
Email and Twitter


Go to sencanada/en/ and find the senators for your province. Their email and phone numbers are listed there.



Call and email your provincial Senators (there will be more than one) using this template, which you can copy directly:

Email template (copy and paste):



My name is ---- and I am a resident of town, province and I am writing because I believe that the institution of the Emergency Act in response to current events is not only a case of government overreach but that it also sets a dangerous precedent of authoritarian government in a democratic nation.


Additionally, the Emergency Act has been invoked without any significant effort by the Prime Minister to peacefully negotiate and de-escalate the current protests and convoys. I believe that there is a peaceful, compromise-based solution to the protests that are going on and I would like to see the Senate stand up and say no to the violence and the government overreach that the Emergency Act would enable.


I can be reached at: phone number


If you have Twitter, find your Senator on Twitter and tweet @ them, with a brief statement about the Emergency Act.


Twitter template:


@senator --I am asking for a veto of the Emergency Act, on the grounds that it permits unnecessary government overreach and is being invoked without negotiation being tried as a first means to resolve current events.



Be respectful and precise with how you express yourself. Dignity is key.

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