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E12: Are we criminalizing suffering?

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Drug addiction has been a big part of my family story. It’s a part of many of our stories. So when something so personal gets discussed in the context of politics, it can become a conversation full of powerful emotions and sharp division, depending on what role you believe the law should play in addiction response. On today’s episode, I spoke with social worker Denae Pellerin about her experience working with addicted youth and her perspective on why drug decriminalization may, nor may not, be the best way to keep everyone safe and to effectively lower overdose and addiction rates. 
To learn more about Denae:
For an easy-to-watch video on Dr. Gabor Mate, who said that "addiction is a response to emotional pain:"
Denae makes reference to several articles and statistical evidence regarding decriminalization. Here are the links for anyone interested in further research: 
68% chance of reoffense after prison release (US):
12-fold increase of likelihood to overdose after release from prison:
Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police stance on decriminalization of personal substance use:
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