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Can climate activism lead to anti-human sentiment? How does someone know who to trust when it comes to climate change discussions? 

Join me for Part Two of our series on climate change, and the interaction between climate change and economics. This series is like a personal investigation, where I have sought to learn - from experts - about the science of climate change, how we know what information is scientifically sound and what information is filtered through political objectives and whether it is possible for us to care for human economic needs while also caring for our planet. 

Today's episode is with Dr. Sherilee Harper from the Climate Change and Global Health Research Group. We talk about whether climate activism can become anti-human, Dr. Harper’s perspective on how urgent climate should be perceived, how measurable temperature changes in the environment are impacting especially rural Indigenous communities, about how to practically measure whether or not a climate change-related policy is actually working, and much more.  

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