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E52: REverend
Marie-Louise Ternier

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Can - and should - women be priests?


What is the experience - and theology - of a woman who has been ordained outside of the Catholic Church? 

Reverend Marie-Louise Ternier,  as a woman, is an ordained priest within the Anglican Church of Canada. Reverend Marie-Louise was born and raised Catholic but - through an extensive journey - left Catholicism and joined the Anglican Church of Canada in 2016, due to the Catholic teaching on female ordination. 


In this episode we have a dialogue between her position as a former Catholic and Anglican priest and my position as a Catholic woman who stands with the Catholic teaching on female priesthood. 

This is a two-part series. Coming next week: Part II, a conversation in defense of the Catholic teaching on priesthood. 


Reverend Marie-Louise’s personal blog, which includes a more in-depth narration of her story and theology:


To support the Wide Open Spaces mission of healing division:


For the new podcast Jenny is hosting, Upfront With The Archbishop:

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