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e40: Mark MalletT

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Are Christian “end-timers” misleading tens of thousands of people? What prophecies about the end of the world should be taken seriously (if at all), and what ideas should be thrown aside - and how would you know? There are plenty of reasons to be concerned and to roll my eyes at “end timers” - so why should I take these ideas seriously? 

These are just a few of the questions that I posed on Episode 40 to Christian speaker and journalist Mark Mallett who is a central contributor to Countdown To The Kingdom, an online movement with tens of thousands of followers, that proposes that we are in the "end times." Mark has spent nearly two decades researching end-times prophecies and advocating for various “seers” who assert that they have messages and visions that indicate that we are most likely near the end of time. 

Mark is speaking from a Catholic perspective, though there are certainly Catholics who are skeptical of his worldview. There is much diversity of thought on this topic, even within Christianity itself. However, this is by no means a Catholic-exclusive episode. Mark explores much of this topic simply from the standpoint of asking - should we be thinking about the end of the world? Which is a question asked by people from many different worldviews, for environmental, political, or religious reasons. 

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