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What About Natural Immunity?

Natural immunity to covid is powerful. Policymakers seem afraid to say so.

September 2021 article by Dr. Marty Makary making a case that those who have natural immunity often do not need vaccination and that unnecessary vaccination in youth can cause preventable damage. 


References over 15 medical studies that support his point.


Study Shows That Antibodies Do Not Always Develop When You Get Covid

September 2021 study led by virologist Dr. Weimin Liu indicating that contracting Covid-19 does not guarantee the development of natural immunity.


The study was done on 72 individuals, 26 whom did not develop natural immunity. Younger, less sick individuals were less likely to develop antibodies.


Comparing Covid-19 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity for Delta variant

Israeli August 2021 study indicating that natural immunity was stronger than double-dose mRNA vaccines and that natural immunity enhanced by a single dose of mRNA vaccines also provided an increased protection against severe infection and hospitalization.


Currently being peer-reviewed.


Journal Article on Considering Natural Immunity When Assessing Whether Someone Needs to Be Vaccinated

April 2021 study states that natural immunity gained from a coronavirus infection can protect against contracting severe Covid-19 symptoms and that natural immunity decreases the average need for vaccination. 


From conclusion: 

“Our results suggest that prior infections with seasonal human coronaviruses can protect against a severe course of COVID-19. Therefore, anti-OC43 antibodies should be measured for COVID-19 inpatients and considered as part of the risk assessment for each patient. Hence, we expect individuals tested negative for anti-OC43 antibodies to particularly benefit from vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, especially with other risk factors prevailing.”

Review of Study of  2.5 Million People That Indicates That Natural Immunity Is At Least 13x Better

A brief review by Dr. Keith Moran of August 2021 Israeli Study. Neither pro-vaccine nor anti-vaccine. Simply reviews data from the study and points out that there are still many unknowns with the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.


Direct Link to study reviewed by Dr. Moran:



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