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e34: Fr. nicanor austriaco

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Should booster shots be our new normal? Should you vaccinate your children? 


Join me on Episode 34 for a conversation with molecular biologist and Catholic priest

Fr. Nicanor Astriaco, who whole-heartedly supports the Covid vaccines for everyone. 


We talk about conflicts of interest in the FDA and WHO, the question of vaccinating children, comparing the vaccines to a military draft, the idea that unvaccinated people could cause variants, the booster shots as a cure for long Covid, among other ideas. 


This is Part 3 of a 3-part series on having dialogue on opposing views regarding the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and pandemic management.  Check out Part I with Dr. Peter McCullough (opposed to Covid mRNA vaccines) and Part II with CDC virologist Rob Lanciotti (argues for selective vaccination). 


The Vaccine Information Database:

​Listen To Part I With Dr. Peter McCullough On Stopping Vaccines:

Listen To Part II With Virologist Robert Lanciotti About CDC Corruption

and Selective Vaccination:

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