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Does Not Recommend: Dr. Peter McCullough,  Cardiologist, Epidemiologist

Main concerns raised by Dr. McCullough:


The vaccine being ineffective, the alleged deaths reported by the VAERS systems connected to the vaccine, miscarriage rates connected to the vaccine, spike protein toxicity, spike proteins spreading throughout the body and causing damage in tissues, amongst several other concerns.


Unsourced, but a helpful overview that gives you a brief snapshot of what Dr. McCullough’s main concerns about the vaccine are:


Two Interpretations of the 82% Rise in Post-Vaccination Miscarriage Cited by Dr. McCullough: 


Rebuttal to Dr. McCullough’s Concerns About Miscarriage and Vaccines: 82% Rise in Miscarriage Rate is Inaccurate When Looking At Data Closely.


Rates Similar to Average, Non-vaccinated Miscarriage Rates


OR: Miscarriage Rates Are Much Worse Than Study Claims, Though Study is Incomplete

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