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Why Covid-19 Vaccines Are Safe: Responding to Concerns
About mRna Vaccines



Very short podcast by Dr. Zubin Damania on debunking 3 alleged “myths” concerning the Covid-19 Vaccines: death rates allegedly reported by the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, the spike protein as a toxin, and the idea that the vaccines are making Covid-19 worse as a disease.


Article by Fr. Niconor Austriaco (Catholic priest, molecular biologist and bioethicist) responding to common worries about the Covid-19 vaccines.


This is a simple, easy-to-read articulation of why Fr. Niconor views the mRna vaccines as safe and the rapid development of the vaccines as a “blessing from the Lord.” As a molecular biologist he directly addresses, with detail, concerns about the vaccines effects on fertility, concerns about the “rushed” development of mRna vaccines, the potential of mRna vaccines affecting your DNA,  and ethical concerns in regards to aborted fetal tissue being used in the development of the vaccines. 


No, Really mRna Vaccines Are Not Going to Affect Your DNA

A detailed, reader-friendly account of why it is “impossible” that the mRna vaccines could get inside your DNA. Because the vaccine itself “dissolves” too fast in the cell and because mRna vaccines are not capable of something called “reverse transcription.” 

Simple explanation from the Oxford University, describing why mRna vaccines cannot tamper with your DNA in any way:

Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 Vaccines: Should You Be Worried?


A detailed, reader-friendly account of why unforeseen “long-term” effects from the mRna vaccines are unlikely, since the mRna vaccines do not include live viruses or the kind of viruses that can become latent and then “reactivate” months or years later. Does not address concerns that the mRna technology itself or the spike protein it produces could linger in the body and cause harm. 


Three Things to Know About the Long-Term Side Effects of Covid-19 mRna Vaccines

Article featuring Dr. Paul Goebfet (medical doctor and microbiologist, Alabama Vaccine Research Clinic) clarifying why it is highly unlikely that the Covid-19 mRna vaccines would have any hidden, long-term adverse effects. Because the mRna vaccine dissolves within a few days and mRna vaccines do not use live or weakened viruses, but rather a piece of the Covid-19 virus genetic coding. 


Debunking The Idea That the Covid-19 mRna Vaccines Could Render a Woman Infertile

Article that describes why the theory that the similarity between the spike protein and a placenta-forming protein in females could result in a vaccination-caused attack on the proteins needed to form a placenta. Article claims this theory is incorrect because the spike and “placenta protein” are not sufficiently alike and because Covid-19 itself is not significantly linked to infertility, which could be the case if the body's natural immune response to Covid-19 attack the “placenta protein.” Article written by Dr. David Gorski (surgical oncologist). Article has a “ranty” tone against “anti-vaxxers,” but still makes a thorough defense of its idea, despite an unprofessional tone. 


Direct link to Japanese peer-reviewed study on the internal distribution of the mRna throughout the body, post-vaccination, including in ovaries


Spike Proteins Are Not “Cytotoxic”


A brief article directly citing several physicians who claim to debunk the myth of spike protein toxicity. This article is directly responding to claims made by doctor Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Bret Weinstein about spike protein toxicity. However, this article does not directly engage with the specifics of Malone and Weinstein’s claims but simply indicates that what they are saying is false. 


COVID-19 Vaccine-Generated Spike Protein is Safe, Contrary to Viral Claims

Well-sourced article that responds to specific concerns about spike protein toxicity and the potential for spike proteins to spread to unwanted areas of the body. Citing various doctors and medical professionals, this article points out that the spike protein generated by the mRna vaccines is engineered to be slightly different than the spike protein produced by Covid-19 itself, thus rendering it safe. 

It Is Unlikely That Covid-19 Vaccines Are Creating Variants 

 (David H. Gorski, MD, PhD, FACS)


Well-source thorough article explaining why the Covid-19 vaccines are not causing variants and hy natural immunity is not “enough.” Points out that all the major variants of Covid-19 were discovered and started spreading before mass vaccinations programs started throughout the world. 


From conclusion: 

“The bottom line is that the best conditions for the emergence of more dangerous and transmissible variants are when SARS-CoV-2 is spreading unchecked all over the world through billions of people. The best way to decrease the chances of variants like this emerging is to do whatever is feasible to decrease transmission and thereby dramatically decrease the number of people being infected. The vaccines work, but probably not as well for the Delta variant. Moreover, vaccination doesn’t have to completely block transmission to be effective in helping to end the pandemic. Finally, Vanden Bossche hasn’t said anything new compared to his previous claims. He’s just pointed to the emergence of more transmissible variants, which happened before the mass vaccination program, and blamed the vaccine for them.”


Debunking Concerns About Spike Proteins


Well-sourced, easy to understand article thoroughly addressing concerns about the spread of vaccine spike proteins throughout the body and the safety of the spike proteins themselves. Directly responds to vaccine concerns raised by Dr. Byram Bridle and Dr.  Robert Malone  


Main points from article: 


The Japanese biodistribution study that is cited as evidence that the spike proteins and nanoparticles from the vaccine itself are spreading and clustering in unwanted areas of the body has been misinterpreted. Also, the amount of the vaccine used in this study (which was conducted on rats) is much higher than the dosage used on humans. Likewise, there is no evidence that the tiny amounts of vaccine that may end up in the ovaries will actually produce spike proteins in the ovarian cells and even if they did it is unlikely that they would be harmful. 


Spike proteins engineered for the vaccine are DIFFERENT than the one’s produced directly by Covid-19 itself. Many studies cited by vaccine-hesitant doctors are studies done on spike proteins produced by Covid-19 itself, not the mRna vaccines. Hence, the data from these studies that point to spike proteins spreading and being toxic may not be relevant. 


From conclusion: 

“In brief, while it’s true that the mRNA vaccine has a broad biodistribution in our body and that the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 are dangerous, the narrative doesn't end there. Minuscule amounts of mRNA vaccine entering other tissues or organs are only of minuscule significance, and membrane-anchored spike proteins from the vaccines are not dangerous. Although there will always be people and even experts who insist otherwise, let’s stay informed to differentiate between a good and bad scientific argument.”


Impacts of the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine on pregnant women


A July 2021 close study of 390 pregnant women who received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine early on in their pregnancy, compared with 260 age-matched non-pregnant women who were also vaccinated. The study showed that there was no significant difference in how the vaccine affected either group, and there were no patterns of serious adverse effects in the pregnant women. However, only 57 women within the study actually gave birth within the timeframe of the study, though all of the 57 women did successfully carry their pregnancy to full term without significant complications. Some women did experience vaginal bleeding, premature contractions, or premature rupture of membrane (water breaking), but these rates were significantly low, even after vaccination 


Surveillance of 6.2 Million People for Adverse Events After COVID-19 mRNA Vaccination


In a paper published in September 2021 by Nicola P Klein, MD Ph.D. and others, scientists examined 23 serious adverse events in 6.2 million persons who received 11.8 million doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna Covid mRNA vaccines. They did this over a period of 6 months.  Klein et al. found no significant patterns of adverse effects caused by the mRna vaccines. One caveat is that the numbers of adverse effects are, in some instances, so low that the confidence intervals are quite large in some cases. (Google what “confidence interval” means for a medical study. ) Study was funded in part by Pfizer and the CDC. 


Study Showing Pfizer Vaccine Is Safe for Adolescents


A peer-reviewed study of 1131 adolescent children (12-15 years) who received the Pfizer mRna vaccine. Concluded that this vaccine was both safe and relatively effective for adolescent reception. Study was funded by Pfizer. 

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