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E41: Rachael Killackey

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Sexual addiction in women - how does it differ from men? Can regular use of porn affect a woman's experience of her gender? What are some practical tips to stop a sexual habit? 


Join me as I speak with Rachael Killackey, founder and executive director of Magdala, a non-clinical Christian organization that is focused on helping women recover from sexual addiction. We talk about Rachael’s own story of getting free from sexual addiction, how sexual addiction looks for women,  the idea of whether or not sexual addiction is a “real” addiction, the impacts of porn and masturbation on the brain and on gender, practical ways to step away from addictive sexual habits and much more. 


To support the Wide Open Spaces mission of healing division through dialogue:


Magdala, the organization created to help women break free from sexual addiction:


The Magdala Podcast:


Eden Invitation (referenced in the episode), for Christians within the LGBTQ+ community:

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