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Read Before using the database

A lot of us are not sure who we can trust for credible information about the Covid-19 vaccines. There is a TON of information about the Covid-19 vaccines on the internet, a lot of which seems suspect.  


Conspiracy theories. Dense, medical journals. Doctors contradicting one another. Fearful reports of people dying. Excitement over the brilliance of mRna vaccines.


Should we fear Covid? Or should we fear the vaccine? ​​

It's information CHAOS out there.


I built this database with the goal of cutting through the chaos and offering a clear comparison of different views on the mRna vaccines to help you make a clear decision about whether you believe the mRna vaccines are safe, or not.


If you have already made a decision regarding the vaccines, then my hope is that this database serves to give you a clearer vision of why people you disagree with think the way that they do. 


My goal was to only post well-sourced, medically-focused information sources that represent the best of both pro-vaccine and vaccine-hesitant groups. There are close to 100 sources in this database, and I could have posted 5000. But my basic criteria was to post sources that were focused on the question of whether the Covid-19 vaccines were SAFE and that those sources were grounded in medical journals and thorough explanations from medical professionals. 

I will be updating this database on a weekly basis, as new information comes up. 

I encourage you to read the direct sources yourself, but I have also provided brief summaries to simplify your research. 

This is my challenge to you: 

If you are pro-vaccine: go out of your way to read the sources that you think you might disagree with. 

If you are vaccine-hesitant: go out of your way to read the sources that contradict what you already believe. 

What's the point if you're just here to pat yourself on the back for being right?


We're in this together! 




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