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E33: Deacon Robert Lanciotti

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Should everyone get vaccinated? Or should we approach the pandemic with selective vaccination only?

This episode is Part II of a 3-part series on having dialogue on opposing views regarding the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and pandemic management. 


Join me on Episode 33 for a conversation with Deacon Rob Lanciotti, former CDC microbiologist and virologist, who advocates for the selective vaccination of high-risk demographics, especially over 75 years of age, but views the vaccine as unnecessary, and potentially harmful, for those within younger, low-risk demographics. 


We talk about why PCR tests may have made the pandemic worse than reality, why the flu shot may be more concerning than the Covid-19 vaccines, the idea of spike protein toxicity, the “selfish” motive of vaccinating children, and the relationship between Christianity and vaccine hesitancy. 

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Deacon Rob on Zika Virus Whistleblowing

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