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Hesitant: Dr. Robert Malone

(One of the original inventors of mRna vaccine technology)

Simple article by Dr. Robert Malone clarifying why he is hesitant about the Covid-19 vaccine. Not sourced, but a helpful overview of Malone’s concerns.  A simple summary of his views as of August 2021.


Audio interview where Dr. Robert Malone describes the various unknowns attached to the potential short-term and long-term effects of the Covid-19 mRna vaccine side effects.


He says that while the vaccine is being presented as “safe,” there is not enough long-term data to use that word with confidence. Dr. Malone received the Modern vaccine himself and he does recommend that older, vulnerable demographics get the vaccine. Does not recommend that young adults, teens and children get the vaccine.

Rebuttals to Dr. Malone:


Article from The Atlantic speaking about alleged holes in Dr. Robert Malone’s concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines.


Article written by several notable scientists refuting Dr. Robert Malone’s reasons for being vaccine-hesitant.


Rebuttal to Dr. Malone: Debunking Concerns About Spike Proteins

Well-sourced, easy to understand article thoroughly addressing concerns about the spread of vaccine spike proteins throughout the body and the safety of the spike proteins themselves. Directly responds to vaccine concerns raised by Dr. Byram Bridle and Dr. Malone.


Main points from article: 


The Japanese biodistribution study that is cited as evidence that the spike proteins and nanoparticles from the vaccine itself are spreading and clustering in unwanted areas of the body has been misinterpreted. Also, the amount of the vaccine used in this study (which was conducted on rats) is much higher than the dosage used on humans. Likewise, there is no evidence that the tiny amounts of vaccine that may end up in the ovaries will actually produce spike proteins in the ovarian cells and even if they did it is unlikely that they would be harmful. 


Spike proteins engineered for the vaccine are DIFFERENT from the ones produced directly by Covid-19 itself. Many studies cited by vaccine-hesitant doctors are studies done on spike proteins produced by Covid-19 itself, not the mRna vaccines. Hence, the data from these studies that point to spike proteins spreading and being toxic may not be relevant. 


From conclusion: 

“In brief, while it’s true that the mRNA vaccine has a broad biodistribution in our body and that the spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2 are dangerous, the narrative doesn't end there. Minuscule amounts of mRNA vaccine entering other tissues or organs are only of minuscule significance, and membrane-anchored spike proteins from the vaccines are not dangerous. Although there will always be people and even experts who insist otherwise, let’s stay informed to differentiate between a good and bad scientific argument.”


Fact Check: COVID-19 vaccines are not ‘cytotoxic’

A brief article directly citing several physicians who claim to debunk the myth of spike protein toxicity. This article is directly responding to claims made by Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Bret Weinstein about spike protein toxicity. However, this article does not directly engage with the specifics of Malone and Weinstein’s claims but simply indicates that what they are saying is false.



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