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Did They Rush the Safety Testing Process for
the Covid-19 mRna Vaccines? 

What’s the Difference Between FDA Emergency Use Authorization and FDA Approval?

Brief, simple descriptions of why Emergency Use Authorization of the Covid-19 vaccines does not compromise safety testing. Does not address concerns about potential long-term effects.


FDA will require data similar to BLA standard for COVID-19 emergency authorization


Article on why and how emergency authorized vaccines have similar safety standards as non-emergency authorized vaccines. Including comments by Peter Marks, director of FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, about 2 months of post-vaccine safety data being sufficient to confirm that the vaccine is safe for mass distribution. 


Article by Fr. Nicanor Austriaco (Catholic priest, molecular biologist and bioethicist) responding to concerns about rushed safety testing:

This is a simple, easy-to-read articulation of why Fr. Niconor views the mRna vaccines as safe and the rapid development of the vaccines as a “blessing from the Lord.” As a molecular biologist, he directly addresses, with detail, concerns about the vaccine's effects on fertility, concerns about the “rushed” development of mRna vaccines, the potential of mRna vaccines affecting your DNA,  and ethical concerns in regards to aborted fetal tissue being used in the development of the vaccines.

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